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Created on 2011-03-31 04:32:51 (#710233), last updated 2011-04-08 (337 weeks ago)

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I'm a pretty passive person. Genderfluid.
Found Dreamwidth thanks to
Somehow, don't know what qualifies as a hobby.

Interests (51):

12:01, 2001: a space odyssey, a beautiful mind, a clockwork orange, abandonwares, adam moore, adultism, ageism, alice cooper, bakakai by gombrowicz, batman, bats, beautiful people (uk), characters, charles addams, chiropteres, christiane rochefort, dom deschamps, dream theater, elvira's thriller theater, elvis presley, enneagram, fashion, jean ferrat, kraftwerk, kubrick's lolita, le graphique de boscop, lois & clark, louis lambert by balzac, malwares, mary and max, monk, moreau de tour, muse, musical comedies, obsolete sciences, old ec comics, openvms, peter forrest, philippe ari├Ęs, psychiatry, superstramp, tale from the crypt, the addams family, torture instruments, vladimir nabokov, voltaire (singer), wall of voodoo, wearable computers, whiz kids, youth rights

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